What to Expect

What to Expect

Consulting with a lawyer can be a difficult experience. Often you are asked sensitive questions and must visit about a traumatic experience. Please rest assured that our communications are confidential and I will be happy to discuss all aspects of a possible case with you. I try to provide legal advice in as complete and as comfortable a way possible.


Typically initial consultations to determine whether my firm can assist you are complimentary. Our fees for service vary depending on the nature of the dispute, the complexities involved, estimated costs and estimated time of representation. With consent, fees can vary from a flat fee to hourly, to contingent fee or a hybrid of any of these fee arrangements. My firm will not represent you until you have agreed to and entered into an engagement agreement spelling out the terms and scope of our professional services provided to you. If my firm charges a contingent fee and advances all costs associated with pursuing your case, ordinarily I will recover fees and costs advanced only upon the conclusion of your case from the settlement or judgment proceeds. Also any contingent fee charged is computed before expenses are deducted from the recovery.


If you need an attorney to represent you in cases involving crime victims, insurance disputes, small business disputes and bodily injury, schedule a consultation with Randall Udelman today.