Randall Udelman: Phoenix Insurance Recovery Lawyer

Thank you for visiting this site and I hope you find the information useful. For thirty years, Randall Udelman, Phoenix Insurance Recovery Lawyer, has been practicing law in Arizona helping clients seek accountability for harm.


Randall has represented:


  • Businesses with disputes involving insurance carriers
  • Receivers who have insurance questions pending in state or federal court proceedings
  • Trustees seeking insurance coverage in bankruptcy cases
  • People or businesses who have breach of contract claims or those who have claims against corporations involving all aspects of corporate governance


Randall, Insurance Recovery lawyer has also represented victims of crime, consumers who have suffered harm due to fraud and victims who have suffered bodily injury or property damage.


People usually do not set a goal to file a lawsuit. My firm’s clients usually do not schedule appointments for happy reasons. If and when you require legal help, my firm’s goal is to try to make the process efficient and professional all along the way helping to answer questions in as best a manner as possible. While I can never guarantee results, I certainly strive to provide legal assistance in a helpful, professional and efficient way.


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