What is a Small Business Dispute in Arizona?

Small Business Dispute in Arizona

What is a Small Business Dispute in Arizona?

Small business are the backbone of Arizona – whether you’re in Scottsdale, Phoenix or even Flagstaff – but no one is immune to legal disputes. Owning and operating a small business in Arizona or in any state comes with many day to day stresses as it is, and dealing with a small business dispute on top of that is one hurdle no one wants to deal with. However, these things do happen and are something you as a business owner should be aware of. Some examples of small business disputes include the following:

·         Debt resolution or collection

·         Issues involving taxes, accounting, loans and financing

·         Disputes involving your competitors or partners

·         Regulatory conflict involving the state or federal government

·         Disputes involving or relating to customers or clients

Randall Udelman has years of experience specializing in small business insurance disputes here in Arizona. Udelman Law Firm makes protecting your small business the number one priority.

If you have questions about one of the areas listed above, have a dispute involving insurance coverage, are interested in evaluating your insurance needs and want to evaluate your dispute quickly and efficiently, or are just seeking a consultation with a trained professional, consider contacting the Udelman Law Firm today!

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