Traits to look for in a Phoenix Insurance Lawyer

Phoenix Insurance Lawyer

Traits to look for in a Phoenix Insurance Lawyer

Working with a trustworthy, skilled Phoenix insurance lawyer can make a difference between receiving payment for your valid claim and suffering massive losses that cannot be recouped due to an insurance company acting in bad faith. Here are some key traits to look for in a Phoenix insurance lawyer.

Experience dealing with insurance companies.

Randall Udelman has practiced law for Arizona for almost 25 years and providing specialized legal analysis pertaining to insurance coverage issues for individuals and businesses. In most cases, insurance analysis needs arise when an individual or a business suffers a loss and seeks coverage from their homeowners insurance, general liability carrier, E&O, D&O or umbrella insurance carrier. Randall has experience helping businesses and individuals work through and resolve coverage disputes involving insurance carriers or the insurance carriers of others.

Time to personally oversee your case.

Evaluating whether an insurance carrier’s conduct was unreasonable is a costly, time-consuming process and often involves risk. However, Randall appreciates the opportunity to investigate whether a carrier has has acted unreasonably whether by denying a claim, undervaluing a case, otherwise delaying a claim, or ignoring a settlement offer within policy limits.  If an insurance carrier fails to protect its insured from the “sharp thrust of personal liability” or has unreasonably decided to place its insured in financial harm’s way, you should seek legal advice to prevent yourself or your business from financial calamity.  Consider consulting Randall to discuss your legal options.

An attorney that cares.

Victims of insurance bad faith practices typically face unfair  treatment and exposure to financial calamity. Randall Udelman is proud to champion the underdog by fighting for victim rights or the rights of insureds. He is a past president of the Arizona Homeless Legal Assistance Project and regularly provides legal assistance to victims of crime at no cost to them through his organization, the Arizona Crime Victim Rights Law Group.

Have you had to file a claim with your insurance carrier?  Is your insurance company  treating you reasonably? If you believe your insurance carrier has not treated you or your business reasonably, contact Phoenix insurance lawyer, Randall Udelman, today for a consultation.

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