Tips for starting your small business in Arizona!

small business in arizona

Tips for starting your small business in Arizona!

At Udelman Law Firm, we value small business. Small business  drives the economy here in the Grand Canyon State. We value working with your business and resolving small business disputes in Arizona so you can focus on your business and we can focus on your legal issues! Here are a few tips for those of you in the planning stages of starting up a new business venture. Just remember to contact Udelman Law Firm first if you are ever in need of an attorney that handles small business disputes or face insurance challenges with your business in Arizona.  And please remember not to consider the tips below as legal advice.  Any legal advice can only be provided for your specific business after you have consulted with and have formally engaged the Udelman Law Firm to assist with your specific legal needs.

  1.  Solidify your Business Plan

The first step to starting any business is of course making sure your business idea actually works. This may seem obvious, but some people are so excited about their idea they don’t stop to do any research on the feasibility of the business plan. After you you’re sure you want to proceed with your idea, put together a  business plan that will act as a roadmap providing you with direction and clarity.

  1.  Choose your Business Structure

Legally, this is one of the most important factors in starting a business. Choosing and registering a business structure, whether a Corporation or an LLC, is crucial to protect yourself and your business.

  1.  Utilize a Business Bank Account

Even in the early stages you want to appear professional and trustworthy, keep your personal and business finances separate, and keep a close eye on the financial health of your business by having a dedicated business bank account.

  1.  Taxes and Business Licenses

To operate your small business in Arizona, it’s crucial that your are a legally recognized entity. To do this you must comply with tax requirements for small businesses in Arizona. You can register through the Arizona Department of Revenue. In addition to sorting out your tax situation, you need to acquire and follow any necessary business licenses and regulations.

  1.  Location and Website

Lastly, be sure to secure a location that provides easy accessibility to your customers and build a professional website to compete with other businesses in the digital age.

*The information in this blog is for general information purposes only. This blog post should not be taken to constitute a formal recommendation or professional advice. We exclude all representations, warranties, legal liability or responsibility relating to its content.

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