Scottsdale, Arizona Fun Facts!

Scottsdale Arizona

Scottsdale, Arizona Fun Facts!

Udelman Law Firm is proud to call Scottsdale, Arizona home. While Randall Udelman serves all of the metro Phoenix area, and works with businesses and organizations all across the United States, Scottsdale is still where you can find my office. So on that note, although we’ve all heard interesting facts about the state of Arizona, it might be interesting to learn more about one of the oldest and most interesting cities in Arizona: Scottsdale.

  • Scottsdale’s oldest building was built in 1892–a true Victorian Era home. It’s name is the Titus House, after railroad investor Frank Titus. The house is now a private residence.
  • Scottsdale Airport’s origins can be traced to World War II. Five thousand pilots received training at the airfield.
  • The official nickname of Scottsdale is The West’s Most Western Town.
  • There are over 200 golf courses in the city and surrounding areas.
  • Scottsdale was originally known as “Orangedale” due to it being an ideal place to grow citrus. It was adjacent to a property owned by Winfield Scott, so people were often directed to the land as being “near Scott’s”. A newspaper mistakenly referred to the new town as Scottsdale, which eventually caught on.
  • Scottsdale is among the United States 100 largest cities and is the 6th largest in Arizona.


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