Rights for Crime Victims in Arizona

crime victims in Arizona

22 Sep Rights for Crime Victims in Arizona

Are you the victim of a crime? Are you searching for someone to represent you and act in your best interests? Randall Udelman proudly represents crime victims in Arizona. Victims, or the person(s) against whom the criminal offense has been committed, have legal rights. These rights may include rights in both the civil and criminal justice systems. You have all of the rights of a victim after the arrest or formal charging of the person(s) responsible for a criminal offense.

The Arizona Crime Victim Rights Law Group represents victims of crime in all phases of the criminal justice system providing input into the process and helping victims exercise their rights. In most cases, the Arizona Crime Victim Rights Law Group, a non-profit organization, assists crime victims in exercising their victim rights in criminal proceedings at no cost.

When you need a victim rights attorney, choose someone u who truly understands victim’s rights in Arizona. Some key rights victims in Arizona should be aware of are as follows:

  • Victims have the right to justice and due process including the right to be treated with fairness, dignity and respect. They have the right to be heard during sentencing and the right to speak at any hearing where the offending criminal defendant may be released from custody.
  • Victims have the right to refuse an interview by the criminal defense attorney.
  • Victims have the right to be represented by an attorney in both the civil and the criminal case.
  • Victims have the right to confer with the prosecutor throughout the prosecution and before a plea bargain is offered to the defendant. And victims have the right to prompt payment of restitution for economic losses sustained as a direct result of the crime.


Are you searching for a lawyer to defend your rights as a victim? Don’t go through this trying time alone. Contact Udelman Law Firm or the Arizona Crime Victim Rights Law Group today.

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