Tips for Dealing with a Small Business Dispute in Arizona

Small Business Dispute in Arizona

Tips for Dealing with a Small Business Dispute in Arizona

Whether a business transaction doesn’t go as planned, a contract dispute with a vendor occurs or an unexpected lawsuit from another business or customer comes out of the woodwork, legal disputes take time and money away from the day to day needs of your business. Udelman Law Firm can help. Randall Udelman may be able to assist you to ensure that your insurance provider provides insurance coverage in this time of need.

Even if Randall Udelman can’t assist you, he can direct you to someone who can utilizing his 50 year history in Arizona. When preparing to deal with a small business dispute in Arizona, here are a few general tips so you are prepared.

1. Organize all Relevant Documents

The first thing to do when dealing with a small business dispute in Arizona is make sure that you find and organize all of the documents that support your position. It becomes more difficult to piece your story together after the fact, so it is best to keep all of your paperwork organized, filed and easy-to-find from the start.

2. Know your side of the Story

This may sound obvious, but every dispute has at least two sides and being able to explain your side plainly and clearly to a judge or jury is extremely important. Consider your side from every angle early in the litigation process to defend your business to the best of your ability.

3. Quantify Losses

If you are considering bringing a claim against another business for losses, you will have to prove how the other party’s actions resulted in damages to you or your business. You will need to be able to disprove these losses if you are the one being targeted by one of these claims.

You may need to take other steps to preserve electronic information and email messages as soon as you hear of a possible lawsuit. This “litigation hold” process could be time consuming but can prevent later claims of intentional destruction of documents Do you face a small business dispute in Scottsdale and need legal counsel? Contact Udelman Law Firm today and put your business in the best position to succeed.

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